Services & Solutions


Manage Meter Data

Our easy-to-use, powerful system turns raw data into actionable intelligence for informed, confident decisions.

Collect Meter Data

Easier data collection means increased efficiency and revenue.


Through continuous innovation, we have transformed using complex water control technology into affordable, reliable solutions for accurate flow and energy measurement.

Licensed Fixed Network AMI

We’ve developed a comprehensive remote meter reading systems for office based control.

Drive-By AMR

Drive-By AMR vehicle-mounted device collects data from all nearby meters equipped with wireless technology.

Metering System Network Options

Our implementation specialists can provide the necessary software installation and training for any networking need.


SETflow X-231

The SETflowTM LTE-M X231 endpoint is an innovative two-way radio that operates over existing cellular and LoRa networks, providing water utilities with remote meter reading, sensor data, and multiple read and transmit

Flow Software (EP100s)

SETflow provides hourly meter reading and meter data management.

Smarth Earth Technologies

The only technology that aggregates meter, valve and current utility software / hardware into one platform.